Frederick M. Hoyt



(December 2010, Linguistics Department, University of Texas at Austin)

Fulbright Fellow (2007-2008, Irbid, Jordan)

Assistant Teacher, Eyes of the World Discovery Center, Kittery Maine (2015-present)

Please click here for my LinkedIn profile and here for a list of papers I have written (or collaborated on) and other papers in which they have been cited.


Research Interests


Negative Concord in Levantine Arabic A detailed study of negative concord as it occurs in Jordanian, Palestinian, and Syrian Arabic. Theoretical discussion expressed in Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CCG) and Discourse Representation Theory (Abstract).

Some Papers and Talk Handouts

(in generally reverse chronological order)

Code and Other Projects

  • A pair of scripts written in Python and Praat for extracting segments of audio data from long audio files in a corpus of audio and transcripts.